Hi, I'm St John! I'm an applied mathematics masters student at the University of Cape Town. My current research focus is on augmenting multi-agent reinforcement learning agents with ability to reason. Specifically, I'm focusing on how causality can aide in reasoning performance.

I maintain this blog as a place to keep track of anything and everything I find interesting. I enjoy working in new, challenging and stimulating environments in which I can learn and grow in some way. Working with people is one of my strengths - I believe everyone can learn from anyone else. What I'm really saying here is that I'd love for you to reach out if you're interested in working together or chatting!

TLDR: If you'd like to work together, get in touch. If you'd like to contribute as a guest writer for this blog, reach out!

My research

My work is a bit scattered over the interwebs, but feel free to get in contact if we have any shared interests. Head over to my Github repository to see some code I've written for various tasks. You may also be interested in my writings for MathemAfrica. At the moment I'm working with InstaDeep on multi-agent reinforcement learning, and form part of Dr Jonathan Shock's research lab.

St John